What If The Rangers Were At The Summer Olympics

Sarah Russo-Perl over at our Avs site Get Higher had a brilliant idea. With all the talk of the summer Olympics, she wondered what events the Avalanche players would be a part of if they were there. Brilliant, right? So let’s do this for the Rangers.

Since it’s the off-season, including the new guys was a little difficult but I did the best I could. I also included the guys who left during the offseason because why the heck not. Anyway, here it goes:

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Good News For The Rangers Blueline?

Last season, the Rangers blueline got a huge boost halfway through the season when Marc Staal returned to the line-up at the Winter Classic. Could the Rangers be hoping for a similar boost this season? (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Hidden in all the Nash news last week, came some potentially huge news for the Rangers blueline. While there has been no confirmation from the team, Dave Maloney did an interview last week on 630AM CHED out of Edmonton and threw in this little tidbit:

“Apparently he’s making tremendous progress. He’s feeling a lot better. So you take Tim Erixon out of the mix, there’s a hope or a thought that Sauer is better….there’s a lot of hope that Michael Sauer can be the Michael Sauer of two years ago.”

There’s a lot of info in this interview but…Sauer is doing better? I’m pretty sure this is the most amazing news to come out for the Rangers last week and in case you forgot, it was a pretty big week with news. I was a huge Sauer fan when he came up because I felt he was the type of player our blueline was missing. (For those who don’t remember his style, think Bickel but much better defensively.) Honestly, I just want him to be feeling better so he can live his day-to-day life. Coming back to play would just be a bonus but Rangers fans should feel excited if there’s a possibility he is close. No matter where he is in his recovery, he shouldn’t rush back. Personally, I still doubt he will be ready for training camp but does this news mean another mid-season defensive boost is in the Rangers future?

Stralman & Talbot Re-Sign Plus Message To All NYR Fans

No silly…that’s Dubi, Artie and Erixon’s new jersey, not yours! (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

To the surprise of no one, D Anton Stralman signed a two year contract today rumored to be $3.4 million total. Why is this not a surprise? Because not a single player who filed for arbitration is going to get there and Stralman was scheduled for next week. I have no idea why this is the case this year (CBA?), but every player who filed seems to be settling before their arbitration date. I believe there is only one left.

As for him returning to the Rangers, I am slightly surprised. I wasn’t sure how Torts felt about him with his ice time being as low as 8 minutes or as high as 20 minutes on any given night. I also was under the impression he planned to go back to Europe next year. For whatever reason he had a change of heart and the Rangers decided they wanted him back. Honestly don’t have an opinion on him but hopefully we see more of the guy we saw in the playoffs and less of the one who kept appearing during the regular season; especially since we signed him for two years.

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Goodbye My Loves

It’s okay Artie. We’ll get an even better chance to make a difference in Columbus. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

The hardest word to say is goodbye.

I will admit I am far from the biggest fan of both Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov. I wish I had decided to write for Aery’s earlier in the season so you knew my feelings for them. They were two guys that most fans had a strong opinion on – either love or hate. I switched back and forth on a nightly basis.

That said, they were part of this team and therefore they were “my boys”. I have a tendency of growing attached to things – whether it be reading every book by a specific author or seeing every movie a certain actor/actress is in. If I feel it is worth my time, I give it 200 percent. And that’s what I did with the 2011-2012 Rangers. From Lundqvist to Woywitka, these were my boys and I grew extremely attached to each and every one of them.

Which is why Monday was so difficult. Yes others have left already but these two were born and bred Rangers. They went through the ranks, were there through every up and down, grew up right in front of our eyes. They were “our babies” and I’m not sure I’m ready share them with someone else.

I know no words I write here will be enough but I’m going to try.

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Rick Nash Comes To New York

Looks like your uniform colors are staying the same… (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

It’s a couple hours after the news broke and I’ve had some time to digest what happened. I’m still skeptical but rather than cry about it, I will change my point of view to cautiously optimistic. Basically I’m hoping it works for everyone involved.

I’m going to write a long piece in the next day or two about the guys we lost, but for now I plan to focus on what we got – Rick Nash.

As Glen Sather said in his conference call this afternoon:

“You don’t have many opportunities to make this kind of deal. This is a very important deal to our hockey club.”

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It’s Official…Rick Nash Is A New York Ranger

Hi Rick…. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

And I am sick to my stomach. Everyone who has followed me knows my take on this but what’s done is done. Nash is a Ranger and I will support him. Curious how long the Rangers fan base will. (If season starts on time, I say he feels their ire by the All-Star break at latest.)

As for the cost so far? The full trade is Nash, a minor league defenseman yet to be named and 3rd round pick for Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon and a 1st round pick. Let’s call a spade a spade. I love Dubinsky and Anisimov but Sather fleeced Howson. All three of those players have great potential and haven’t been able to reach it. I do think Dubinsky is the one we are going to regret giving up but it’s hard to see Artie go as well.

And for those not thinking about the future – Callahan just lost his “pack line” teammates and Boyle has now lost Prust and Anisimov. If for any reason we don’t re-sign Del Zotto, we might as well trade Boyle because he will be useless next year.

I’ll have much more on this later but for now, good luck Dubi, Artie and Erixon and welcome to New York Rick Nash.

Rangers Fans Gripping For Any News


It’s been really quiet in Rangers land. Really quiet. So leave it to everyone’s favorite beat writer to stir the pot.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post announced that the Rangers weren’t going for Rick Nash OR Shane Doan. Apparently they are going for Rick Nash AND Shane Doan. Okay Brooksie…whatever you say.

Look I understand that Brooks is respected around the league and I absolutely have nowhere close to the contacts and connections he has (i.e. I have none). But to me this does not pass the smell test in any way, shape or form.

Sure hypothetically I would love both on the Rangers but at what cost? (Editor’s Note: No I have not changed by stance on Nash. But if cost was lower, both in personnel and cap hit, why the heck wouldn’t I want him?)

First of all I will believe Doan is leaving the Coyotes when it happens. Yes I know it can but I still can’t believe it will. That said, if he does leave, he will command a high salary for numerous years. Think something close to the 4 years, $30 million number that has been thrown around. For a 36-year old on the downside of his career? I love Doan but no thank you.

And the price for Nash isn’t changing for two reasons. One, Howson needs to save face in this whole debacle therefore must get something very good in return. Two, if we get Doan, Howson will (rightfully) say that we can afford to give up more therefore any chance of the cost going down goes out the window. I’ve given up trying to figure out what will happen with Nash but at this point he stays where he is unless someone (be it Columbus or one of the 28 other teams trying to get him) bites. Sather isn’t changing his stance.

For those fans who feels Brooks stating this CONFIRMS that Sather is doing it, keep in mind this is the same man who swore the Rangers were getting Alexander Radulov and keeps crying there will be no season next year. (Side Note: If that’s the case, why bother trying to get these guys now?) His latest guarantee was that Nashville will not match Philadelphia’s offer for Shea Weber. He may or may not be right on that one but he’s the only one I’ve seen say that. Everyone else has said Nashville kind of has to match or they aren’t sure what they will do.

Basically I take everything he says with a grain of salt. Every once in a while he’ll be right but recently, he just appears to be looking for page hits in my mind. I’m not saying you shouldn’t read his stuff or you should treat him the same as those “insiders” that keep popping up. (You absolutely should not do that.) But just keep in mind what you are reading from him compared to what everyone else is saying. I mean when and how did the Rangers become a “favored landing spot” for Doan? That must’ve been one heck of a sell job by Rangers brass on Friday!

Look, maybe the Rangers are going for both of these guys. Brooksie supposedly has connections and I don’t. But for me…I’ll believe it when I see it.