Congrats Mike Rupp!

Photo: M Richter/flickr

Thanks to the wonderful world of twitter, we know that Mike Rupp and his wife Christi welcomed a baby girl into the world yesterday. Marleah Grace becomes the fourth child and second girl for the Rupp’s joining 9-year old Madeline, 7-year old Mason and 3-year old Max. I guess they like names with the letter “M”. Can’t say I have a problem with that 😉

Here’s hoping that mother and daughter are doing well! Congrats to the entire Rupp family!


You Can Watch Ranger Hockey Even During A Lockout

Ryan Bourque makes a play on Hershey goaltender Braden Holtby. (Photo: Peter Hindle)

Editors Note: Peter Hindle will be writing about the Connecticut Whale for Black and Blueshirts. Here’s his first post regarding who to look out for this season.

Most Ranger fans may have decided to take the advice of the media and expect an NHL lockout for at least part of the upcoming NHL season.  You may even be asking yourself; what am I going to watch if there is no Ranger hockey?

There is some good news for Ranger fans in the event of an NHL lock out.   There still will be Ranger hockey, and it’s just going to be AHL Ranger hockey.  This is every Ranger’s fans chance to take a look at their teams future.  You will have a heads up when the NHL returns on who can be a call up in case of an injury.   You can have a heads up on possibly which Connecticut Whale players would be able fill in and become a Ranger full time.

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Sean Avery Officially Retires From NHL

It was fun while it lasted. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Not sure if we can consider todays’ announcement news as it’s been known for a while this would be happening but word spread earlier in the day that Sean Avery officially announced his retirement during a radio interview.

Avery originally announced earlier this year that he “threw his skates into the Hudson River” and would be retiring but couldn’t make it official until after the season otherwise he would invalidate his contract. My guess is the Rangers didn’t mind paying him a couple extra grand to keep him away from the team and it’s affiliates. (No one knows exactly what happened when he went to Connecticut but it is obvious that relationship did not end well. There’s rumors about his time ending in New York as well although all players have said there were no problems.)

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And Sports Illustrated Grades The Rangers Summer…

I didn’t even know Ovechkin took face-offs. Not surprised he won this one though… (Photo: clyde/flickr)

With the summer drawing to a close, fans and the media will begin grading their teams’ offseason with the caveat the offseason isn’t over and may be extended longer than originally planned. Yesterday, it was Sports Illustrated turn as they posted their summer grades for the Eastern Conference. The Rangers received a B-plus with the following explanation:

The summer started off quietly with a couple of understated but sharp acquisitions in Taylor Pyatt and Arron Asham — exactly the type of physical depth forwards the Rangers could have used in the conference final against the Devils. And then the big splash: Adding a proven sniper like Rick Nash at the cost of a trio of spare parts was a coup for Glen Sather. His patience allowed him to preserve the team’s top prospects and still land a player who could get the Blueshirts over the hump. But once the applause dies down, remember that Sather has yet to address two weaknesses exposed in the playoffs: face-offs and an unreliable third pairing on the blueline.

I think the explanation was spot on and can’t disagree with the grade either. (I actually might have dropped it to a B and will explain why shortly.)

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Rick Nash On Cover Of The Hockey News

via Puck Daddy

The talk of the hockey world today? A picture of Rick Nash on the cover of The Hockey News in a Rangers jersey. Shocking, I know. Let’s forget the fact that he donned the Blueshirt for pictures about a month ago when he was first traded to the team. I guess the national media missed those pictures. This is HUGE news!

What really bothers me is the headline and subsequent remarks made by the media. “Escape to New York”? Because Columbus was this horrible place that had him chained to his locker for 10 years, right? If so, I missed those headlines.

And then Puck Daddy (whom I love which is probably why this bothers me so much) adds into his title about the picture “brace yourself, Jackets fans”. Brace themselves for what? I’m sure they’ve seen the same pictures Rangers fans saw a month ago, if they even cared.

This whole trade has been pitted as the superstar comes to the contending team while crap was sent to a bottom dweller. All the guys involved in this trade are human. And each team has a fanbase that doesn’t need their team categorized like this no matter what the catergorization is. I’m a Rangers fan and this is pissing me off. In fact the more stories and articles I see like this, the more I hope Columbus does better than the Rangers next year (and I want the Cup in New York just as much as any other fan).

There’s no reason for these digs. Yes Nash is a Ranger. So is Taylor Pyatt. But no one is talking about him. Yes Columbus is a bunch of guys contenders didn’t want. How did that work out for Phoenix when they started stockpiling those guys three years ago? None of this is new news. Can we please stop pretending it is?

Happy Birthday Carl Hagelin!

I said we had one more birthday coming up this week. Today our little speedster turns 24. So what does that mean? You get a post full of pictures and videos of Carl Hagelin!

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Happy Birthday Taylor Pyatt!

Did she mention my name? (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

You know how I’ve mentioned Rangers players seem to have birthdays in bunches. Yeah, about that…this grouping has three in twelve days. (Pop quiz: Who’s next? No cheating!)

Anyway, today Rangers newbie Taylor Pyatt turns 31. I figured this might be a good time to see what he will bring to the team if the season ever starts. So let’s see what we have…

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