Welcome Back Hartford Wolfpack!

Photo: Dinur Blum/flickr

Photo: Dinur Blum/flickr

Earlier today, it became official – starting next season the Rangers AHL team will no longer be called the Connecticut Whale but will instead revert back to being the Hartford Wolfpack.

I know today’s announcement regarding the name change came with mixed reviews but I’m not sure I understand why. Yes, I realize that Connecticut fans love and miss their Whalers. But this team never was that and maybe it’s me, but I wouldn’t want another team pretending to be my team. (That would be like the Wild saying they are the North Stars or the current Winnipeg Jets saying they are the original ones. They aren’t and fans of the original teams don’t treat them as such.)

All of that said, the Whale name never grew on me. I tried to like it but it just didn’t feel right saying I was going to “watch the Whale”. So I continued to call them the Pack. Maybe it’s because when I started following them as a team, they were called that but I was so used to that name I didn’t want it to change. And maybe that’s how Whaler fans feel. I don’t know. But I’m happy they are back to being called the Wolfpack.

For those in the Connecticut area and looking for ticket information, that’s the only thing currently up on the website which can be found here. I’m sure there will be more info coming out soon.

In the meantime, welcome back Hartford Wolfpack!


In other AHL-related news, two members of the Rangers taxi squad were sent home this week to rest wrist injuries. One wasn’t a surprise but the other was, at least to me, as J.T. Miller headed back to Ohio and Stu Bickel headed back to Minnesota. We all knew Miller’s wrist hadn’t healed but I have no idea when Bickel injured his. Either way, they are done for the season so no matter what happens, neither will be appearing in the Rangers lineup again until September. Speedy recoveries to you both!


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