Kreider Re-Signs For Four Years At Buzzer

I really don’t know why people were worried. We’ve all been through this before. The only difference this time? Chris Kreider had planned to be in Toronto last night anyway for Dominic Moore’s Smashfest. Once we knew that, we should have realized this was going down to the wire.

Anyway, at 9:30 am EST this morning, this was tweeted:

I honestly was starting to think the hearing was in the afternoon with how quiet it was before that. There was no way, especially with how close the numbers were, that this was going to arbitration.

As for the specifics:

That modified NTC is nothing. It makes the player feel like he has some control and the Rangers can easily still move him if necessary. Would I have preferred five years instead of four? Sure. At that price, buy out as many UFA years as possible. But they bought out two and we don’t have to worry about this until after the next lockout. (Actually, I’m surprised Kreider apparently wanted a contract that expires the summer of the next lockout.)

Basically this is a win for everyone. And now we have four more years of Kreider’s crazy speed, playoff prowless, dry humor…and watching him run into walls trying to avoid colliding with goaltenders. (Watch him closely. He actually throws himself into the back boards to make sure he avoids collisions with opposing net minders. I’m convinced at some point he will learn to “hockey stop”, as he puts it.)


With this deal complete, the Rangers have a little under $7 million in cap space (depending on where you look and who is included) to sign one RFA – Kevin Hayes. I can promise you he won’t get anywhere close to all of that money so the Rangers somehow managed to give themselves a little breathing room this summer. As for Hayes, expect that contract to be signed as soon as I post this…or at 9 am next Wednesday morning.


(Photo: Melissa Andus)


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