Is it possible to be a fan before you are actually born? If so, that’s how long I’ve bled blue. Yes I took a break during those dark times in the 90s (it wasn’t cool to be a hockey chick then, leave me alone) but since the lockout I’ve been as hardcore as they come. (Having seasons tickets in the family for over 40 years will do that to you.)

I also have a little love for the Coyotes, Blackhawks and Blue Jackets. Why the Coyotes? Two words – Petr Prucha. Don’t even bring up that trade to me. As for the Blackhawks? Kind of jumped on their bandwagon in 2009 (a.k.a. year BEFORE they won their first Cup) and never left. At least I admit it though. And the Blue Jackets? Let’s just say I call them the Columbus Blueshirts.

As for my claim to fame with the Rangers – I’m the master of useless trivia. Seriously…I’ve won so many contests just knowing random stats (such as which Rangers player was taken two spots before Enver Lisin in 2004 draft…I shocked everyone with that one!). I seriously believe the guys started recognizing me at subscriber events (or maybe that was in my mind).

So why is the blog Black and Blueshirts? Have you watched the Rangers play???? Pretty sure I don’t need to explain this but just in case, look which team is always near the top of the list in blocked shots. Think that says it all.

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