Rangers Trade Second Forward For Second Defenseman

Welcome to the Rangers organization Danny Syvret! (Photo: Sarah Connors/flickr)

Welcome to the Rangers organization Danny Syvret! (Photo: Sarah Connors/flickr)

Anyone remember last season when the Rangers had to put Roman Hamrlik into the lineup during the playoffs? Apparently Glen Sather does as for the second day in a row, he traded a spare forward for a depth defenseman. Today’s lucky defenseman on the move? Danny Syvret from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Syvret is your typical depth defenseman. The 28-year old has split time between the NHL and AHL every season since 2005-06 with the bulk of his games coming in the AHL. He has only seven career points (3 goals, 4 assists) in 59 career NHL games but he had 6 goals and 34 assists in 76 games last season for Adirondack.

And¬†that’s okay because that’s what the Rangers need right now – a capable and competent defenseman who can jump in when one of their guys randomly gets hit in the eye with a puck. In other words, something the team didn’t have last year. He also played four years in juniors for the London Knights meaning he is an ex-teammate (and apparently line mate) of Dan Girardi. That makes him okay in my book.

So who was the spare forward who got moved this time? That would be Kris Newbury.

Look, I would be lying if I said I was going to miss Newbury. I won’t. I would’ve been happy with a bag of pucks for him so the fact that we got an actual player who could be useful means this is a jackpot win in my mind. I don’t hate Newbury. He is what he is – a stereotypical fringe player. He’s probably too good to be in the AHL (if he stopped with the stupid penalties) but he’s a borderline fourth line player in the NHL. It sucks getting caught in the middle. But now he’s someone else’s problem.

It also means that we are slowly saying goodbye to the spare defenseman the Rangers tried to throw at us last season. We know that Roman Hamrlik and Matt Gilroy are gone. But does this move mean Steve Eminger might be as well? Andrew Gross at the Bergeron Record seems to think so.


Rangers + Father’s Day Tweets/Pics = Perfection

Say hi to one year old Charlotte Callahan! (Photo: nyrangers/twitter)

As everyone knows, yesterday was Father’s Day. First of all, I want to wish a Happy belated Father’s Day to any fathers who read my¬†ramblings as well as to the players who are dads and mostly importantly, the players’ fathers for instilling hockey into their sons at a young age. My dad had two daughters and he didn’t care it wasn’t popular for girls to like hockey, his daughters were going to watch hockey games.

For those who weren’t online yesterday, throughout the day the Rangers tweeted pictures and messages that simply made all fans hearts melt (yes guys too). So here we go!

At the top of this post is probably my favorite picture of the day – Captain Cally with his little angel, Charlotte that the Rangers tweeted out to start the day. While we’re not happy our boys are on summer vacation, I’m sure that little girl is happy to have daddy home.

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Welcome Back Hartford Wolfpack!

Photo: Dinur Blum/flickr

Photo: Dinur Blum/flickr

Earlier today, it became official – starting next season the Rangers AHL team will no longer be called the Connecticut Whale but will instead revert back to being the Hartford Wolfpack.

I know today’s announcement regarding the name change came with mixed reviews but I’m not sure I understand why. Yes, I realize that Connecticut fans love and miss their Whalers. But this team never was that and maybe it’s me, but I wouldn’t want another team pretending to be my team. (That would be like the Wild saying they are the North Stars or the current Winnipeg Jets saying they are the original ones. They aren’t and fans of the original teams don’t treat them as such.)

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Whale Go Out With A Whimper

I'm down too, Pucky. Also going to miss you if the rumors are true... (Photo: Doug Kerr/flickr)

I’m down too, Pucky. Also going to miss you if the rumors are true… (Photo: Doug Kerr/flickr)

It wasn’t a good weekend for the Whale as they lost both of their games in regulation to the Albany Devils on Friday and Portland Pirates on Saturday by scores of 3-2 and 5-1. Kris Newbury and Christian Thomas had the goals against the Devils with Marek Hrivik getting the loan goal against the Pirates.

I’m not going to sit here and rehash the games because (1) they lost and (2) well they weren’t pretty so I’m sure no one really wants to re-live them. If you do, here are video highlights of both:

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